Why My Wife’s Job Is Harder Than Mine


By far THE best post I’ve EVER read……

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I work at a large, top-200 law firm in one of the ten most populous cities in the country. The hours can be grueling, there are constant deadlines, and the work is mentally demanding.  Any partner in my particular practice area can assign me work, which means I have more than 30 potential bosses.  At any given time, I am working on projects for three to five partners, all of whom believe that their assignment should take priority over any other work.  As a result, there have been many long days (and long nights).

Moreover, being a lawyer at a large firm is a high-stress endeavor.  Even small mistakes can have significant implications and, as a result, tensions can run high.  And of course, because excellence is expected, partners are unlikely to give much positive feedback for a job well done; instead, the reward for good work is more work.


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The Greatest Gift Ever…

I was trying to post rather quickly earlier and left out a couple things I wanted to say…..

Although this time of year is always a bit bittersweet, it still is a wonderful season to celebrate giving. This year especially, no monetary value can be placed on the gifts I received.

Actually, you can on the new Baby Jogger Summit X3 I got, but we’re not talking about that now are we?? ;) It’s pretty nifty & will hopefully get my butt moving and back into my previous “military-mode” of fitness… Wait, I got a couple weeks before I need to deal with resolutions…

Back to the point of this post…

I know there are many of you who’ve traveled this road with me & yet many are still trekking along. Hang in there. My heart & soul are with you this season & you’re forever in my thoughts and prayers.

Please allow me to continue to share with you in your sorrow, your joy, your pain, and your travels.

Besides….the vamps want to continue to make you smile!

Here’s to a new year & new gifts…..

Merry Christmas WordPress Fam!

Merry Christmas WordPress Fam! (6.5 months & growing like weeds!!) :)


“E” (A whopping 17lbs give or take an ounce!)


“J” (19lbs – roughly)


“Z” (19lbs – roughly as well)

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..takes everything out of my kids! If I ever have a need to get them to sleep (outside of using the Mamaroo) I can put them in their high-chair and feed them! ;)

See what I mean??? Jo-Jo just couldn’t hang anymore….


Eli is just a tad drowsy…


& Zeke is happy now that his belly is full. He’ll be out shortly! ;)


So messy, so much fun! ;) (although, this isn’t anything compared to how messy it usually is…I just hate food everywhere, so I’m quick to clean it up….)

‘Til next time & many hugs!

Being Thankful…

For me, that entails a whole slew of things. My list goes on and on, but in a nutshell, life is what I’m thankful for. All the ups – all the downs. This journey has made me who I am.

I’m so very thankful for that. And all of you! Now can somebody please send me some dog gone turkey?!?!?! Lol, jk. ;)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!